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Warm Water Therapy

Warm Water Therapy or Aquatic Therapy is an umbrella name for a variety of different modalities of Bodywork that happens in saline water pool and the water is heated to body temperature (96 degrees). 


This very unique environment that allows our nervous system to completely relax and with that the body lets go as well.

Studies that have been conducted on patients with PTSD have shown to be very successful on a variety of the ailments that are associated with PTSD.


Some of the benefits include general relaxation, reduction of anxiety, ease of pain, increase mobility, improved sleep and many more.


The experience in the pool is very comforting and relaxing and most styles tend to be slow and nurturing in nature to the body, the mind, as well as our emotions.

Being that my focal point has always been on the body, I take advantage of this medium and what it has to offer. 

Another benefit is that we are out of gravity and have the benefit of floating the body. This allows the body to start recognizing its own holding patterns and begin to unwind throughout the session.

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