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Warm Water Therapy San Diego

Located in San Diego, That's Your Body is dedicated to providing exceptional warm water therapy services. Specializing in aquatic therapy, I offer a variety of modalities of bodywork that take place in a saline water pool, heated to body temperature (96 degrees). Warm water therapy, also known as aquatic therapy, is a highly effective treatment that offers numerous benefits for individuals seeking sports physical therapy in San Diego.


Aquatic Therapy: A Path to Healing & Recovery

Warm water therapy utilizes the therapeutic properties of water to facilitate healing and rehabilitation. The unique environment of a heated pool provides a gentle and supportive atmosphere for individuals recovering from injuries, managing chronic pain, or seeking enhanced physical performance. With my guidance, clients can experience a range of benefits through aquatic therapy.

 Reduced Impact & Buoyancy

The buoyancy of the water significantly reduces the impact on joints and muscles, making warm water therapy an ideal choice for those with orthopedic conditions, sports injuries, or joint pain. The water's buoyancy allows for freer movement and helps alleviate stress on the body's weight-bearing structures.

Enhanced Range of Motion

When immersed in warm water, this experience encourages greater joint mobility and flexibility. The water provides gentle resistance training, promoting strength and increasing range of motion. This is particularly beneficial for individuals recovering from surgeries, such as joint replacements, or those with limited mobility.


Pain Relief & Muscle Relaxation

The warmth of the water in the aquatic therapy pools aids in relieving muscle tension, promoting relaxation, and reducing pain. The hydrostatic pressure of the water also helps to decrease swelling and inflammation, facilitating the body's natural healing process.

Increased Circulation & Cardiovascular Health

My Aquatic therapy in San Diego, stimulates blood flow and enhances cardiovascular function. The water's pressure on the body increases circulation, improving oxygen and nutrient delivery to tissues, and assisting in the removal of metabolic waste products.

Balance & Proprioception Improvement

Warm water therapy provides a safe and supportive environment for balance and proprioception training. The water's resistance challenges stability, helping individuals improve their balance, coordination, and overall body awareness.

Mental & Emotional Well-being

The soothing properties of my physical therapy pools in San Diego promote relaxation, reduce stress levels, and enhance overall mental well-being. Immersion in water has been shown to release endorphins, promoting a sense of calm and improving mood.


State-of-the-Art Aquatic Therapy Pools San Diego

At That's Your Body, I understand the importance of providing a comfortable environment for aquatic therapy in San Diego. I prioritize cleanliness and safety to ensure my clients have a positive and transformative experience.

Whether you're an athlete recovering from an injury, seeking pain relief, or aiming to enhance your physical performance, warm water therapy at That's Your Body can provide the support and healing you need. I will tailor a treatment plan to meet your unique needs and goals, utilizing the beneficial characteristics of aquatic therapy and helping you achieve optimal results.


Contact That's Your Body today to schedule a consultation and experience the life-changing effects of my warm water sports physical therapy in San Diego.


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