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Therapeutic Massage in San Diego with a Client Focused Approach

I am an experienced, professional and friendly massage therapist in San Diego.


Originally, I was a part of the military and I witnessed the hardship people can face in their daily lives.


In 2004, I studied the art of massage therapy at the Body Mind College. I wanted to help people unwind and alleviate any stress.


One incredibly beneficial procedure I have expertise in is to provide a therapeutic massage. 

Therapeutic Massage

At That's Your Body, I want to form meaningful relationships with my clients in San Diego. I pride myself on creating a comfortable and relaxed environment where I can focus on delivering a massage that is tailored to your needs. Whether it's a particular area of your body or the level of massage intensity you wish to benefit from, I will ensure you will receive an incredible standard of massage therapy.


By receiving a therapeutic massage from me, I will work on increasing your body's range of motion to ensure full functionality. Additionally, I will aim to reduce any of your pain and make moving as comfortable and as carefree as possible. You will leave feeling calm, recharged and positive which will benefit how you move through and approach daily life.

What is the Purpose of a Therapeutic Massage?

The aim of a therapeutic massage is to improve your general wellbeing. It is classified as a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) procedure. With a therapeutic massage, your body can be rejuvenated by its ability to help heal physical injuries, relieve muscle pain and aid in the movability of stiff joints.


As well as invigorating your body, massage techniques associated with this amazing, therapeutic procedure can help to stimulate the nervous system, increasing levels of dopamine and ultimately improving your mental wellbeing. As a result, any feeling of stress or anxiousness can be tremendously reduced. 

What are the Types of Therapeutic Massage?

As an experienced massage therapist, I can offer different styles of therapeutic massage for my San Diego clients.


A therapeutic massage is any type of massage technique which lessens pain and stress levels.
The styles of therapeutic massage are as stated below and differ in their approach to help rejuvenate you. You can choose which you think would work best for you, as well as communicating with me to see what I would recommend.

Contact That’s Your Body in San Diego Today

A therapeutic massage is an excellent way to take care of the body and mind.
No matter which type of therapeutic massage, your desired level of intensity or area of focus, clients of That's Your Body can be sure they will receive an incredible standard of massage therapy.


As a certified, experienced and knowledgeable massage therapist in San Diego, I want to customise each massage to your needs and ensure I will provide the incredible benefits of a therapeutic massage.
Please feel free to get in touch today to find out more.

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