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My Background

I was born and raised in Israel, after my service in the military I started traveling the world, but San Diego became the place I kept returning to. In 2004 I began my training at Body Mind College and started my journey in the Bodywork and Massage Therapy world. Very quickly I started focusing on the therapeutic side of soft tissue manipulation and made it the focal point of my practice. In 2009 I was introduced to Warm Water Therapy and that opened a whole new dimension of bodywork for me and for my clients.


My Approach

In my many years as a Bodyworker I solidified a very functional approach. My main goal is to make the body function in the most ideal way with the given circumstances. I don't focus much on relaxation, though its a welcome side effect, instead I offer targeted bodywork to areas that have chronic pain, injuries, trauma and stress. This helps to bring more awareness and understanding to the area of tension so my client can then take certain actions to support it.

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