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At Thats Your Body based in San Diego, we provide services for the client. All of our sessions can be customised for the individual needs.  Our services include:

Therapeutic Massage:

Our therapeutic full body massages allow us to treat the whole body while assessing some of the areas in the body that may need more attention. Targeted bodywork allows us to spend more time on the area of tension, which naturally gives more attention and better results to the injury or ache of the specific body part. 

Pre/Post Natal Massage:

Studies show the amazing benefits of massage therapy during pregnancy for both mother and child. This is why we offer our Pre/Post Natal Massages, where we will address the specific needs of the mother and will eliminate any of the discomfort they may be feeling during this time of drastic physical change. 

Warm Water Therapy:

Another one of our services includes Warm Water Therapy. Saline water heated to body temperature is a perfect medium for our nervous system to take a big pause. It helps to relax the whole body and allows the soft tissues to let go of any tension, trauma or holding patterns. We recommend this type of water therapy for pre/post natal people, people who suffer with PTSD, Parkinson’s, Hypertension, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety and overall stress.


 Why Choose That's Your Body?

My years of experience as a bodyworker has solidified a very functional approach to my main goal which is to make the body function in the most ideal way with the given circumstances. I specialise in bodywork in areas that have chronic pain, injury trauma and stress. This helps to bring more awareness and understanding to the area of tension so that my clients can then take certain actions to support it. 

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