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Professional Sports Massage Therapy in San Diego

As an experienced massage therapist, I understand the range of concerns, both mental and physical, that massage therapy can address. Sports massages offer targeted support for a wide range of needs for active individuals engaged in regular sports. Whether you are looking for support in getting rehabilitation after an injury, or to help your body achieve its peak performance, I can help.

Physical Therapist

About Me: Massage Therapist

With two decades of experience in bodywork and massage therapy, I understand intimately all forms of massage. For sports physical therapy in San Diego, I have helped many people achieve their fitness and sports goals. My mission is to provide the best expert care to as many people as possible.

Sports Massage: The Benefits Explained

Sports massages can take a variety of forms. As a regular practice, the goal of massage therapy is to improve the time you spend recovering after workouts and practice sessions. With regular, persistent sports massage therapy alongside equally dogged training, you will notice improved performance in a huge range of sports. It is also extremely beneficial in reducing the risk of injuries, and of reducing the severity of injuries which do occur.

The Evidence: How Sports Massages Help

The evidence is clear that sports massages are enormously beneficial in a variety of areas: 

- Range of joint motion
- Flexibility 
- Lessening muscle tension 
- Mental health benefits (anxiety and mood) 
- Improved sleep

Shoulder Massage
Massage Therapy

How Sports Massage Works

Sports massage techniques vary widely depending on the particular goals you may have. Aspects of many other forms of massage can be employed including elements of Swedish massage, compression, friction, vibration, and even stretching. As an expert massage therapist in San Diego, I can consult with you to discuss exactly what you want out of a sports massage, and advise you on the areas it can help.

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