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Professional Massage Therapy: Swedish Massage

Massages come in many forms and can address a wide range of troubles, both physical and emotional. I am an experienced massage therapist in San Diego offering Swedish massages for help in relieving muscle tension, particularly effective for those with tension in their lower backs, shoulders and neck. I can work with you to restore your full bodily flexibility and comfort based on your specific needs.


The Basics: Swedish Massage Explained 

There are many forms of massage today, but Swedish massage remains the most widely used. It has been in use for close to two centuries, over which time it has been employed for the treatment of chronic pain and fatigue as well as general joint stiffness and muscle tension. It can also improve your blood circulation. This kind of massage involves five basic strokes: sliding, kneading, rhythmic tapping, friction and vibration.

What I Can Offer

At That’s Your Body, I aim to provide the most knowledgeable massage expertise in San Diego. My experience and expertise in massage therapy, combined with my emphasis on forming meaningful relationships with my clients, make my sessions perfect for relieving tension in both the body and mind. I want to understand who you are and what you hope to get from your massage sessions. For people from all walks of life, I can offer Swedish massages to aid with the management of chronic physical pain or as an escape from the stresses of everyday life.  

Swedish Massage: The Benefits

Swedish massages take a gentler approach than other forms of massage, but the effects are just as profound. Their primary focus is the relief of muscle tension and pains, particularly in the neck and shoulders as well as the lower back. They can be particularly effective for relieving stiffness if you sit at your desk for work. By increasing blood circulation, Swedish massage can also improve sensation in your muscles and increase flexibility. All of this can improve your posture, and help you sleep better– resulting in improved mood and overall wellbeing. 

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