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Gal Rachimi HHP

Massage Therapist, Warm Water Therapist

Anatomy based, individually tailored massage for the needs of each body, on table or in warm water pool. My focus is to help my clients to have less pain, more functionality and mobility in their body.





For the past few years I have had massage and deep tissue bodywork done by Gal at That's Your Body. Gal is excellent, professional. convenient and I have benefitted greatly from his work, particularly after knee replacement surgery when he helped me regain full mobility. 

Gayle Gould

Gal knows how the body responds  and has exquisite quality of touch. If you want a session customized to your unique and specific needs, book with Gal now! Don't let his no BS approach fool you... he is deeply connected and his expert training supports his intuitive flow. In the warm water or on the massage table, you win. #bestever

Keith Anderson

I have worked with Gal for several years and he is highly effective therapeutic massage practitioner. I would gladly reccomend his work.

Barry Green PhD HHP,

Founder of Body Mind College and        co-founder of IPSB.

I’ve been seeing Gal Rahimi for massage therapy and watsu for several years.  Now we are family.  I’ve always been physically active but my dedication to massage therapy began with pain and dysfunction of lower right side from a foot injury and then surgery.  Therapeutic massage helped me regain my mobility and activity level.  Over the years, my activities have increased.  Regular massage therapy helps me to recover and remain active.  Sailing, gardening, swimming and biking are all improved by regular therapy.  When Gal became a Watsu professional, both my husband and I experienced the benefits.  My husband had Parkinson’s disease.  After his sessions, he was nearly pain free.  The weightlessness, lack of resistance and full range of motion was therapeutic. 

Watsu, for me, helps me let go of tension in all my body parts and results in full extension and painless stretch of my muscles.  I am comfortable in the water and Gal is a trusted and capable therapist.  It is then easy to send my consciousness into another place and release muscle and psychic tensions.  Watsu and traditional massage therapy with Gal are essential to my well being.

Regular massage has been instrumental in my weight loss and weight management in the last 3 years.  I am 61 and about 5 years ago I thought my competitive sailing days were over.  I am now sailing more than ever, masters swimming is almost daily and long distance biking is weekly instead of occasionally.  All these activities, I know, would not be so enjoyable nor continue to progress without regular massage therapy.  I am more active and capable now than I was 20 years ago.  Gal’s professional standards, the depth and breadth of his training and experience are the key factors in the benefits of my commitment to massage therapy.    Even though he knows me well now, he has always been remarkably observant of areas in need without me knowing myself or having to tell him.  His skill through touch is unique.  


Lynlee Austell-Slayte



619-808-9219    |

1804 Cable St. Suite  A San Diego, CA 92107

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